For many people our services are covered by insurance. Clients who desire to know for sure can call their insurance company and check whether Richard (Dick) or Beverly (Bev) Conant are in their insurance company’s network. Sometimes simply going onto the insurer’s website and looking for a “Find A Provider” search link to determine whether Richard or Beverly is in their network is possible. ¬†Clients with insurance coverage simply pay a co-payment and we submit the claim forms to their insurance company as a courtesy. However, there is an understanding that clients are ultimately responsible for their sessions fees should insurance not pay for some reason (ie. deductible not met, diagnosis not medically necessary, etc.).

Sliding Scale Rates

Level of IncomeRate per session
Under $45,000$40
Under $55,000$50
Under $65,000$60
Above $65,000$70

We do accept credit cards, checks, cash, and paypal. Please discuss these financial arrangements with Dick or Bev before starting the therapy.